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1 a long hooded overcoat [syn: hooded coat]
2 a long hooded cloak [syn: hooded cloak]

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  1. A long coat or cloak with a hood.
  2. A coat made from a blanket, worn by 19th century Canadian woodsmen.
    • 1888, Theodore Roosevelt, Frontier Types, The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine, October 1888.
      The fourth member of our party round the camp-fire that night was a powerfully built trapper, partly French by blood,who wore a gayly colored capote, or blanket-coat, a greasy fur cap, and moccasins.



  • lang=fr|/ka.pɔt/
  • SAMPA: /ka.pOt/


capote f (plural capotes)
  1. capote
  2. In the context of "of a car|lang=fr": bonnet (British), hood (US)
  3. short form of capote anglaise

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